Ellie Capri Pant in White

Ankles have a tough gig. So much pressure and so little recognition for such a vital part of our body. We created the Ellie to celebrate ankles and give them a breather. Made from the same bulletproof material as its big sister Lea, the Ellie is sure to look as good on day one as it does on day one hundred.

The spandex/nylon (25/75) lifts your posterior, while sucking in your leg through the thigh, to make sure your ankles (and the rest of the leg connected to them) have never looked better. Unfortunately, they won’t hide that regretful tattoo from Cabo. Sorry.

Bust 31 - 32.5 33.25 - 35 35.75 - 37.5 38.5 - 40.25
Waist 23.5 - 25 25.5 - 27.25 28.25 - 30 30.75 - 32.5
Hip 33 - 34.5 35.25 - 37.5 38.25 - 40 40.75 - 42.5

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